Tech Tips: Calendar Synch

The cold weather seems like the perfect time to get out calendars and find time for a vacation. Maybe Commodity Classic (Florida…February… yes, please!).

In November, we had the chance to speak at a fabulous conference where we talked about calendar apps we use to help stay organized and in synch. Several audience attendees shared their favorite apps for keeping their family organized and we wanted to share them with you!

  1. Cozi

  2. Wunderlist

  3. Google Calendar

For those of you who are also volunteering or managing a sports team in addition, the below two apps are great at keeping the entire team in synch and up to date. We know they aren’t farm related, but we love them so we’re sharing them anyway!

Sports Schedules

  1. Sports Engine

  2. Team Snap

Stay warm, and hopefully synch up your calendars so you can find time for a little break from this cold snap!