Sunflower Snacks: Connecting Kids to the Farm

Snack time is a great time to capture your kids attention, and give a fun opportunity to connect to a farm! Below is a 2 minute snack idea that is easy to prep and was met with a lot of smiles from our kid testers! While you have your kids attention while they devour their snack, why not share with them where sunflowers come from by checking out a YouTube video.

Shameless self promotion…

  1. Click here for a short clip on what sunflowers look like before they turn into big beautiful blooms

  2. Click here for a quick video on how sunflower seeds go from the field to your favorite flavor of Spitz.

We are always looking to expand who we reach when we share the message of Agriculture. Ag in the classroom is one great way of sharing, but you can also take small moments like snack time to share with your kids, grandkids, daycares or classrooms what agriculture looks like!