$10,000 Decisions: The Importance of predicting price | MinneMUDAC Video 2

The MinneMUDAC challenge for 2019 will be predicting soybean prices. A decision on what price to sell at, especially in the volatile market of 2019, is important.

Finding ways to connect the skill sets of farmers and technologists is a passion for FarmFemmes. AgTech is expanding, precision agriculture is the future of farming, and we need the skills of Data Scientists in agriculture.

We also know if you haven’t grown up on a farm, that it’s important to gain the context of what you are building a model for, and how significant the decisions you will be providing predictions for are. Your predictions matter. They can make a difference in the profitability of family farms, which are 98% of farming operations.

Teresa breaks down how the variation between market high and low can be a $10,000 decision.