Trainee Experience: Louis Gosselin

Each year we make ag connections from around the world by hosting international trainees. We depend on trainees to seed and harvest our crop, but they also become part of our family. Louis was a great addition to our family and to our farm team. Last week he returned to France to continue his studies in agri-business. Although we were sad to see him go, we were happy that he gave us this seven-question interview before he left:

1.  Where is home for you (city/country)? 

 In the country, in Northern France.

2.  Why did you decide to do an agricultural exchange? 

 To learn English and to see a big agricultural country.

3.  What is the main differences you have noticed about farming in Canada/France? 

  Everything is bigger! (Fields and tractors)

4.  Favorite piece of equipment?  


5.  Favorite on the farm job?  

 Driving the swather and the grain cart.

6.  Favorite French food that you missed the most on your exchange?  Favorite Canadian food you will miss when you are in France?

 French cheese!

The chicken burgers and the wraps - I can’t decide.

7. If you could work on, or own a farm anywhere in the world, where would that be & what type of farm/farm size?

In France, because I like my country, and it will be a medium sized dairy farm.

Thank you Louis!

If you are interested in working on our farm check out this video on the trainee experience and learn more about us . You can contact us directly or contact International Rural Exchange Canada to learn about the many other types of farm placements available in Canada.