Sold! to the highest (online) bidder


The look, and sound, of auctions has changed in recent years as more companies provide buyers with the opportunity to participate in online bidding.  As an auction buyer this has changed the auction experience, in obvious, and not so obvious ways.

Why attend in person?

You just can’t get the same thrill of the auction if you aren’t there live.  Plain and simple. We want to attend local auctions in person because they give us a great opportunity to socialize and network with neighbours.  Although we always have an eye out for a deal that is too good to pass up, the items for sale are not always the main reason we attend local auctions.

Why attend online?

Some auctions are provinces away, but have one very specific item that we are interested in purchasing.  Online bidding allows us to participate in a larger number of auctions than ever before. As a buyer, we can find specialized items while saving time and money on travel. As a seller, it is great to increase your buying audience outside your immediate geographical area.

Purchasing at a distance has changed the dynamics at auction sales, both in the demographics and geography of those who attend.  Both in person and online auction services are valuable. We, personally, shop for different items when we are buying online, since we haven’t had the opportunity to get a close look or listen to the item.  It is also somewhat easier to avoid the emotion of competitive bidding when it feels like you are bidding against the computer and not the person in the camo hat. However, it can be challenging to remind yourself to be realistic about post-sale transportation for large items or long hauls.

It really is great to have the best of both auction worlds.  Buyers and sellers benefit when potential markets expand.

Auction purchases can be memorable because of the item, the price or the experience. Comment and tell us about your best auction purchase.