One of the funniest memories I have as a kid, is when we would play ‘what’s that crop’ on any of the drives we went on with my Dad. As a kid, I could NEVER tell crops apart in the spring, I was absolutely terrible at the game. After this year’s science fair project, I see my kids being able to play this game, with a pretty high chance of being right!

We have spent this winter exploring the ways in which modern agriculture is already adopting Artificial Intelligence. While we have been learning about the amazing progress being made in image recognition and what that may look like in the future of farming (robotic field scouts, weed recognition, plant color etc.), we have been thinking about ways to get the next generation on our farms ready and prepared with the skills that will help them to be early adopters of farming technology.

So, this year when science fair came along and my son wanted to do something with the Artificial Intelligence programming I use in my high tech job it was a perfect opportunity to see if image recognition could work on the farm.

This week we will share a little about how science fair led to a cool idea of how to bring farming tech to kids!

For fun, below is a picture of wheat. How do you know it’s wheat? That’s all of the things we have to teach a computer to ‘know’ without the benefit of all of the ride along’s to town with my Dad!