Machine Vision in Ag: Applications

It doesn’t matter if you call it Artificial Intelligence (AI), algorithms or machine vision, when you are talking about the future of Agriculture, the potential application of ‘big data’ is both exciting and daunting. We have been talking about how kids can approach learning how to code a machine vision model that prepares them for the future of technology in agriculture, but we know it can be a bit ambiguous. So we picked out 3 YouTube videos we think show cool ag applications of machine vision that will help you to come up with what problems you would love to have solved with machine vision.

A simple solution to set up is security cameras that can be used in a huge variety of ways. From driveway monitoring to remote bin site monitoring to securing your yard site security cameras are a great start to machine vision. Below is a simple set up is below, and to expand after video capture a machine vision model can be trained to detect activity you want to monitor and alert you. An application there is a ton of YouTube videos on are machine vision for cameras in calving barns.

  • Barn Cam by Shelley Paulson from Minnesota

A more complex solution that shows the amazing power of machine vision when incorporated into agriculture equipment is the See and Spray technology being developed by Blue River.

The same concepts used in both of these examples are the types of technologies and skills the kids you are raising now will be using. If you’d like your kids to be equipped with these skills, or you have problems you would like them to solve, we would love to hear from you! Message us on our social platforms or send us an e-mail directly to or