First 60 Days - Check In Time

This year one of my goals is to be able to take a load of grain to the elevator.  

T Semi.jpg

To me this represents being a tangible help to our farming operation. However, it also means that I have some serious learning to do.  I have to learn how to drive our 10 speed Eaton transmission trucks OR I have to get my Class 1 licence. In the end, I actually hope to do both and to be able to drive all of the trucks on our farm.

In order to do that I need to meet the licensing requirements in Manitoba which means getting a Class 1 licence and Air Brake endorsement to drive our semi tractor and trailer.  The process involves several steps:

  • Written test for Class 1 licence ($10)

  • Written test for Air Brakes ($10)

  • Medical, including vision check (MPI will do the vision screen at no cost)

  • Practice period, where you must be accompanied by a passenger with a current and valid Class 1 license (minimum two weeks)

  • Optional: Driver training school (not currently mandated; keep reading this week for more info on upcoming changes)

  • Road test (Class 1 and Air Brakes tests can be completed at the same time, if you do not previously hold the Air Brake endorsement) ($50)

I have completed my written tests and my medical, so I have my “new licence” which allows me to legally drive with a qualified passenger.  Yah! Check back tomorrow to see what I have learned so far.