New Driver on board: Lessons Learned

So far in the journey of learning how to get a Class 1 licence in Manitoba I have learned a few things.  Of course, some of them have to do with driving, but there are also some things I have learned about the process.

  • You may purchase physical copies of the manuals OR you may download them for free. Professional Driver   AirBrake

  • You must book a written test for your Air Brakes and for your Class 1, each costing $10.  You can complete these tests back-to-back, but you require two different access codes. You can book these appointments at any insurance office that works with Manitoba Public Insurance, but they are completed at an MPI service center.

  • Driving quizzes are available online to help you study/practice.

  • It makes life easier if you pick up your medical form from MPI or any insurance office and complete your medical before you pass your written tests.  Request a copy of your completed medical, so you don’t have to wait until it is processed in the MPI system. This allows you to get your temporary licence printed out right after you pass your written tests.

  • Your eye exam can be completed at an MPI office, free of charge.  (Your doctor’s office may charge you to complete this part.)

  • The tests are multiple choice and are completed on a computer.  You have the option to skip questions one time, but they may reappear in which case you cannot skip them a second time.

After you have successfully completed your medical and written tests you can being practicing behind the wheel!  Requirements differ significantly from province to province. Check back in tomorrow to get an overview of the differences, and why they matter.