Coding Camp: AI in a Day

FarmFemmes’ 2019 Coding Camp registration is NOW OPEN!

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is part of our lives: from autonomous vehicles to security using facial recognition.  From online support help to the ways our food is produced AI is impacting us all! This camp will expose participants to key types of artificial intelligence AND hands on labs to apply their new skills in real-life situations.

Campers will explore three examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that are in use today, and then they will personalize models for each of these AI applications.

  • Image recognition

  • Text to speech

  • Interactive Chatbots

In just one day, participants will better understand how they can use Artificial Intelligence to impact their world.  We will explore possible applications for each technology, and the opportunities and challenges that arise when teaching computers to help us interact with others.

We learn by doing, so each participant will have a Chromebook to use as they explore and personalize their own models utilizing the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.  Collaboration and problem solving are valuable skills, so students will be encouraged to work together to design and troubleshoot their projects.

At the end of the day, parents and guardians are encouraged to watch the participants “Show what they Know”.  Prepare to be amazed at how your camper can personalize such cool tools in just one day!

WHO: camps are specifically designed for 8-16 year olds.  

WHEN/WHERE: Camps will be offered throughout the summer. 

Saturday, May 11 - PLS/Terra Point Morden/Winkler (Give Mom a Day Off! edition)

Sunday, May 12 - PLS/Terra Point Morden/Winkler (Give Mom a Day Off! edition)

Saturday, June 15 - PLS/Terra Point  (Give Dad a Day Off! edition)

Monday - Thursday June 17-20 - Wawanesa School (3:30pm - 5:30pm daily)

Monday, July 8 - Winnipeg, MB 

Tuesday, July 9 - Winnipeg, MB

Friday, July 26 - Sioux Falls, SD

Saturday, July 27 - Sioux Falls, SD

Saturday, August 10 - Brandon, MB

Sunday, August 11 - Brandon, MB

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