Asked and Answered

Since last week’s launch of Code Camp: AI in a Day we have received a number of inquiries with questions about camp. We hope that this post will give you the information that you need to help you decide to register your kids and grandkids, neighbour’s kids, 4-H club, Sunday School class… you get the idea.

Why should I want my kids to know how to code?

Artificial intelligence has applications in every field of interest, from banking to medicine, and from manufacturing to city planning. Of course it has many agricultural applications as well! People who write code can make decisions about what and how computers learn from the data that they process. Code mixes creativity, ingenuity, disciplined thinking and cultural design. Who wouldn’t want a skill that transfers across areas of interest and can be used to help solve practical problems?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

People develop computer systems to be able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition or translation between languages. Computers can process large amounts of data quickly and detect patterns that are more difficult for humans to recognize. These abilities can be used to help computers perform intelligent tasks.

What is code?

Code is a precise set of instructions written for a computer to understand in order to provide directions for it to perform some function.

What uses code?

Pretty much anything with a battery or a plug uses code to perform a variety of tasks. Some everyday examples include sensors in your car, debit machines, a portable grain tester or a robotic milking machine.

Is the camp for girls only?

No, we encourage anyone to attend. As FarmFemmes, we hope that seeing women as instructors helps young girls see themselves in this space. Karen and I are raising boys and girls and we want them all to be able to code - and the same is true for all kids.

What are your qualifications?

Dr. Karen Hildebrand has a PhD in Information Systems specializing in Data Mining, but we just call her Karen. Teresa coached K-12 teachers, taught high school math and was chosen as Sioux Falls, SD Teacher of the Year.

If you have any questions about AI in a Day please contact us at or or message us from your favorite social media platform @farmfemmes