Crop Scouting

Last week at the Green Valley Equipment Seed & Feed event at Deer Creek Farms, we got to learn about some pretty useful tech and apps and we wanted to share them with you.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 9.06.38 PM.png

Farm Dog is a crop scouting app that enables you to mark where you are in a field when you are scouting, and take a picture of what you are seeing in the field at that time. You can scout in multiple locations in your field, and be able to have the visuals preserved so you can look at them later, or share them with a partner or agronomist if you want their opinion. The individual version of the app is FREE! If you do want to share with a partner, the cost is $24.99/month and to manage a team (say you are an agronomy company) is $34.99/month.

If you have John Deere Operations Center, even better because Farm Dog synchs to the Operations center bidirectionally, meaning your fields from Operations Center can be sent to Farm Dog. This makes it easy to mark where you are scouting within existing fields in Operations Center. The scouting reports and images also synch to John Deere Operations Center, so right on the timeline you can see the date you scouted, and the images you took while you were scouting. Super handy to keep track of what the field looked like right alongside your data around seeding dates and spraying applications. You can then easily compare previous years records to remind yourself about dates and context of what you saw when you scouted.

The tutorial below was all I needed to get started on setting this up. Again, the app is free to install on Google Play or the Apple iTunes Store. You can visit Farm Dog to learn more or sign up for the paid versions. If you like the app we would love to hear from you - tell us what features you used or how it works in your operation - or