AI in Ag: Robotic Milking

Milk production in a robotic dairy barn is a truly amazing data driven operation. When we first met Carla Plett and learned about her families dairy we grilled her with questions - and she whipped out her phone and showed us exactly what information she has at her fingertips anytime, anywhere.

The video below shows a dairy in Lisbon, North Dakota that has made this giant technological leap as they pass on the legacy of their dairy operation to the next generation. This video is from 2017, but the systems they installed are commercially available. Just think of all of the data collected to manage the feed rations, movement tracking, robotic mucking, air exchangers, temperature sensors and the impact to milk production at an individual animal level. That is a lot of data, and a lot of jobs in AI to create the systems and integrations to ensure that gallon of milk is produced safely and sustainably.