FarmFemmes @ MinneAnalytics Data Tech 2019

We are excited to be speaking at MinneAnalytics Data Tech 2019 on May 30th at Normandale Partnership Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. To sign up for our session we have included the link below.

Modern Agriculture: Redefining AI

In 2030, the world population is estimated to be 8.3 billion people. Even at our current world population 800 million people go hungry. Malnutrition affects 1 in 3 people. Agriculture is the only occupation in the world that can directly lead to Zero Hunger. It compels us to come together, utilize new technologies, new farming practices and artificial intelligence in ways that will so directly impact our world. 

In this talk, we speak to the ways in which modern agriculture is already adopting Artificial Intelligence and what a modern farm looks like through stunning imagery and a virtual immersive agriculture experience. We also speak to the technologies of the future that will continue to change the agricultural landscape, and what farmers still need from artificial intelligence to be able to feed the world.

Update: We received a note that the event is SOLD OUT, so we’ll work to figure out how we can share some of the content in the next couple weeks for everyone who could not get in to attend in person.