Why Artificial Intelligence?

So why is Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture so important? That is simple, farmers provide a universal connection.  

Who has eaten today?

Did you eat any bread today?  Any edamame? Protein shake with soy or pea protein?

You ate a product grown on a FarmFemmes farm…  and what farmers want is for everyone to be able to eat.

AND that’s where Artificial Intelligence comes in, so if you’ll humor me, think about the one job at work that you hate the most. Maybe it’s something you aren’t good at, maybe it’s something that’s super hard and you always make mistakes, or maybe it’s mind-numbingly boring.


That’s a prime candidate for artificial intelligence. Then comes the next question - well is AI going to put me out of a job then?

I have worked in Artificial Intelligence for 15 years, and I will say the one thing that I consistently have NOT done is put someone out of a job. You know why? Because, most often, if it’s a job we hate, or dread doing we were already a) putting it on the bottom of the to do list or b) getting in trouble for doing it wrong.

In my 15 years in AI I have automated re-ordering of prescriptions, optimized when carts are pushed back into big box retailers, changed the hours of stores based on video analysis of traffic patterns, personalized digital marketing, automated e-mail conversations, created type ahead suggestions, routinized data loads and automated alerts. All without putting one single person out of work. Did I change their work - 100% absolutely, unequivocally yes! The work that was never getting done was getting done, and with fewer mistakes (computers don’t get hangry at 2:30 every afternoon). Does that increase job satisfaction - yep - it sure does.

So how does that relate to agriculture? Well as you see above, it doesn’t have to, AI exists in every industry in a lot of different forms. So here is our why AI?

  • we’re pretty big fans of eating

  • we’re also pretty big fans of everyone eating

  • we’re also pretty darn big fans of the environment & making it better

  • we’re big believers in technology as a solution

So farm to fork, there are ALL KINDS of applications of AI!