Camp News!

We have been very fortunate to have had great media coverage, which has really helped to spread the word about our camp’s purpose - to connect youth to the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in Ag.

Thanks to: CBC Radio, CJOB Radio, Pembina Valley Online and CFAM for the great FarmFemmes coverage

We now have a sponsor for code camp on Saturday, June 15th, which means you can sign up and attend FOR FREE! Be one of the first 10 people to complete the registration form for your 8-16 year old and they can attend at no cost to you.

If you, or your 8-16 year old, has ever wondered about a career in artificial intelligence, been interested about how facial recognition works, or wanted to design an autonomous tractor this camp is for them.

OR maybe you are not quite sure what artificial intelligence is all about, you have reservations about it’s importance or are not sure if you want your kids to know more than you - this camp is for your kids too! A one day investment can introduce your son or daughter to some very tangible new skills and expose you to new technologies.

Follow along this week as we feature some agricultural innovations that will inspire you to be part of feeding the world. From robotic milkers to high tech potato piles, agriculture is full of opportunities to use tech skills to solve real-world challenges, and you can be part of the solution.