Image Recognition: How an Irish Company just got Cargill to buy in

In the past few weeks we have focused on how AI is already in Agriculture, and the amazing new career paths it is opening up. BUT we also know that seeing is believing, and in this case it’s literally ‘seeing’.

Cainthus is a company founded in Ireland with offices in California and Ottawa, that recently received funding from Cargill - a pretty darn big deal for a startup company.

And what’s their big idea? Image recognition for cattle - based on reading ear tags, hide markings, height and size (and probably a bunch of other attributes) image recognition is used to recognize which cow is where and how that information can allow for passive monitoring of herd behavior, reduce herd stress and identify concerns.

For kids interested in facial recognition, we’ll be teaching how to get started at AI in a Day camps. BUT we’ve been getting A LOT of feedback from people older than 16 who would want to learn about facial recognition too. So, we would love your feedback, would you attend a webinar that taught the basics of AI?

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