See you soon! (where we'll be this summer)

“Happiness is when your passion and career collide, and you can look forward to Mondays”

We laughed when we saw this quote, because we love what we’re doing so much, we don’t wait for Monday’s!

Thanks to all of those we have already met through media coverage on CBC, CJOB, Global West Broadcasting! Events like Data Tech 2019, podcasts like Teaching Python, or even international flights (shout out to my seatmates from Iceland and Germany and the flight crew on @IcelandAir who were all interested in AI in Ag!). BUT, it also never occurred to us that we better tell you all where we will be next. We’ll blame that on being so excited about what we are doing, and running so lean as we grow that we sometimes need a reminder every now and then!

So in the next month we’d love to meet more of you at:

We love getting to know our audience and look forward to meeting you this summer!