Artificial Intelligence Code Camps (stay an extra day after Ag PhD Field Day)

We have started day camps to help showcase the cool tech now in use in agriculture to the next generations based on 3 key, easy to learn Artificial Intelligence techniques.

  1. Facial recognition is like weed recognition

  2. Text to speech is like voice prompts as to what to do, or hands free directions

  3. Chatbots enable a virtual assistant that can capture the inputs verbally that you capture manually (or partially manually)

As farmers, the more data we collect, and the better we store, process and most importantly USE IT - the better our farms will become and the more likely we are to benefit from the skills of our next generation.  

FarmFemmes will be hosting day camps on July 26th and July 27th at the Dakotah Lodge in Sioux Falls, SD. Extend your trip to Ag PhD Field Day and have your future next generation farmer attend! No programming experience necessary - youth ages 8-16 will learn new skills and capabilities in 1 day - and parents/guardians are welcome to join the ‘show what you know’ session at the end of the day to see the AI their coders have been using.