As we have been talking about trials and tests this year, another new introduction was the use of Eco-Tea.

Eco-Tea is a biological that is either in dry or liquid format. This was year one of using it, so evaluating yields, impact and cost offset to current fertilizer programs is still a work in progress.

Eco-Tea was available through Ens Quality Seeds in Winkler, Manitoba. There are more pictures from their field trials and plot tours from earlier this summer available on their Twitter feed.

Trying new things, and developing a testing strategy for the next year starts in the fall. We hope you find some interesting ideas that you might try next year, from soil health to plant hormones to biologics enhancing field fertility and providing plants with the food and nutrients they need to grow most effectively helps. While not all tests are successful, we firmly believe that you learn through testing new products and applications on your own fields and in your own growing conditions.