France, Flax and Family

Farm families all over the world work together to raise crops and livestock of the highest quality in order to feed the world. Although there are many differences in climate, equipment and best practices, there are a few things that are universal. This past week, Vallotton Farms got to make an international connection personal in a really cool and powerful way; we got to host the parents of a current, and past, trainee. Just like us, they are a multi-generational farming operation, but unlike us, they produce, process and promote flax fiber. Decock Flax Scutching Mill

Flax fibre is strong and durable, yet soft to the touch, and is commonly known as linen in clothing. As natural fibers regain popularity, spinning equipment is being refined enough for linen to be used via machine knitting to produce linen knitwear. Flax fibre is also being used for industrial applications (insulation) and packing products.

In contrast, Canada’s main market for flax remains the seed, either whole or processed. By meeting flax growers from France we now have a better understanding of how flax use, and farming, differ. Global connections allow us to expand our thinking and learn about agricultural similarities and differences, which benefits us all.

Our 2019 Canadian  family with visitors  Frederick and Anne.

Our 2019 Canadian family with visitors Frederick and Anne.

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