Why do you offer camps?

We grew up in a rural community that believed that its’ children were its’ future - and in a family that believed that if you could dream it you could do it.

BUT, to have dreams, you have to imagine something exists.

If you would have told either of our 8-16 year-old-selves that we would go to school on sports scholarships, get advanced degrees, know how to create Artificial Intelligence, and be Farmers, we would have only been able to dream 2 of those 4 things because the other 2 things did not even exist in our realm of possibility.

Our trajectories changed because we had great coaches, university advisors, friends and family members who saw our strengths and gave us opportunities that allowed us to imagine, and therefore to dream.

If we can allow just one youth the ability to imagine being involved in agriculture or technology, and if that imagination turns into a dream, and that dream to reality.

That, is the dream we have for AI in a Day Camps.

We want to give kids in rural communities access to technology and we want to give kids in urban communities access to agriculture.