Farm Photo Contests

Harvest photos

Farming is a visually stunning profession! Golden fields, grain bins under a harvest moon, or a fleet of combines all make beautiful scenes. Rather than keeping those moments to ourselves - here are some ways that you can show off your farm photos.

Richardson Take Your Best Shot photo contest - deadline September 30th

Top Crop Manager Cover photo contest - deadline October 15

Country Life photo contest - deadline November 15

If there other contests that you know about, please drop us a comment so that all of our readers can learn about it too.

Cheers to showcasing the beauty of agriculture.

You reap what you sow

Seeding Fall Rye.JPG

Each year we go to AgDays with an agenda of things to see and sessions to attend, and lots of time for socializing.  This year one of our “look for” items is going to be blockage monitors for our seeder. Currently, we manually check and visually inspect for blocked seed runs.  However, this means that we run the risk of having an undetected blocked seed run which results in a missing row of seeds and a higher seed rate in adjacent runs. Last year was our first year running our current seeder, so we learned through the process and this year we will be looking to add blockage monitors to improve our seeding efficiency.

Of course, increased monitors mean increased cost and complexity.  However, we hope that reduced down- time for manual inspections and increased seeding precision will improve our crop health and thus improve our yields.


If you know of an AgDays booth we should stop by to help us with our monitors, please send us a direct message or drop us a comment.  

Or, if you just have a cool booth that you want us to check out, let us know that too! Just tag @FarmFemmes on your social media post… See you soon.

Ag Inspiration: Carla Plett | Rumardale Holsteins | Manitoba

There are so many different kinds of agriculture, and so many inspiring women we have met since starting FarmFemmes.  This week we want to share some of these great women and stories with you!  


We met Carla at a lunch with Manitoba Women in Agriculture and Food.  When she started sharing about her family's dairy, and the 10 year plan that led to the transition to a robotic parlor, we were amazed.  When she pulled out her phone and could take a look at production, we knew she was someone we wanted to know more about!  Below is her answers to our 5 quick Ag Inspiration questions.

1. How long have you been involved with Ag?

 Since growing up on our dairy farm I don't remember there ever being a day were I wasn't involved with agriculture and a I plan to hopefully keep it that way.  

2.  What type of ag are you involved with? (Dairy, beef, ranch, cropland, ag industry etc.)

I am primarily involved in the dairy industry as a our family owns a dairy farm in southeastern Manitoba where we are milking 350 Holsteins on 7 robots.

3. What's your favorite ag memory?
I think one of my favorite ag memories would be our start up day when we officially moved over from our parlor milking system to the new robots.  What made the day so memorable was the amount of people that volunteered to help us out everyone from friends and family, neighboring farmers, past employees and sales reps.  It was awesome to see everyone come together and share the experience.  


4.  What inspires you about ag?

I think one of top things that inspires me about ag it the amount of technological advances that have been made to help improve production and labor efficiency at the farm level.

5.  How do you agvocate (social media, memberships, networks, alumni groups, young farmers groups, boards etc.)?
I do my best to agvocate through my social media whether that posting an ag related photo on instagram or sharing facts, stories, or important news relating to agriculture on facebook.  But I think just talking to people is probably how i agvocate the most, for example most of my friends don't come from a agriculture background so whenever they have questions about something they saw or heard on social media etc.. they will often ask me about it and I'm more than happy to answer questions or maybe give some more information which they can take and pass on to the next person.