Apple Farm: Diversified Family Businesses

I feel like this blog post was meant to be, maybe because I love hard cider and so any accidental happening upon amazing cider makes me happy!  On my trip home from Texas last week, I picked up the modern farmer magazine.  I have followed modern farmer on Instagram but this was the first time I saw an issue in an airport.

On page 42, probably about over Oklahoma I was reading about how to grow cider apples - and thinking that a hard cider sounded pretty good right about then!  I knew the kids were off of school the next day, and so I thought a trip to an apple orchard was in order (I promise I did not know they had hard cider before I went!).  So we headed to Aamodt’s Apple Farm which was absolutely the BEST agri-tourism I have done.  

I was so impressed with their 50 acre, 6000 tree farm not just because it’s fall and a beautiful time to spend outside with kids, but also to see how diversified it had become as a 4th generation farm.  Not only was it an apple orchard, it is home to St. Croix vineyards, Thor’s hard cider and an impressive range of apple products.

As my own family is in it’s 3rd generation of farming, and hopefully with a 4th generation growing more interested every day, it’s great to see how diversification and unique strengths has led to such a sustainable business model.  While I was just excited about a cider, I left more excited about what farming can look like across generations.  Cheers to that @thorshardcider!


ps. If you have any ideas of other unique farming operations I should visit, comment below or send me an e-mail at