Can Technology help us capture Happy?

Farming is hard work.  But it is also so enjoyable and rewarding!  Capturing the optimism around farming and the farm lifestyle can help remind us of why we love this job and this lifestyle.  Not every day will be great, but during the times that are great we should remember to take note of them, capture them, share them.  Linking farm activities and hobbies can be a great way to bring joy to your day, your operation and those around you. Whether that means harvesting an abundant garden, learning how to use a GoPro or having a fun ATV to use for crop scouting, work can be fun.

Audience Suggestions:

Share positive farm photos via social media

Invite multi-generations for field suppers or ride alongs

Share accomplishments in group chats

Create a photo book

What the Forecast weather app

If you have any feedback or additional suggestions of technology solutions to share, please feel free to comment or email us directly at or

Dealership BINGO

Today's BINGO is a little harder - and might take your some work on Google maps to find dealerships with these different brands - or for that matter they might all be sitting in your shop!

AND the competition continues for these BINGO cards- and the PRIZES!!!!

To enter for a FarmFemmes kids/youth safety shirt:

1. Take a selfie that shows 1 adult +  1 <18 year old + your BINGO sheet (printed or electronic) 

2. Post it on Facebook or Instagram and tag @farmfemmes in your post

You can enter 1 time per day for the duration of the contest (March 19-April 2).  

BUT.... wait there is a NEW BONUS, we will put your name in for each selfie you post with you and a different friend or family member with your BINGO sheet and post on Facebook or Instagram and tag @farmfemmes in your post.  

(so if you have 2 sisters, take 1 photo with each holding the bingo sheet and you get entered 2 times)

(if you take your bingo sheet to your grandma's senior home, and get a selfie with 10 grandma's, we will enter you 10 times)

We will give away 5 shirts!