Throwback Thursday

Harvest time is busy - there is no doubt about it! And sometimes we get so caught up in the essentials, like fueling up (humans and equipment) and the keeping clean (bins, combines and humans) that we forget the whole process that got us here.

So this Throwback Thursday is not way back - it is just a few months ago. But in some ways it was a lifetime ago (at least the lifetime of a canola seed).

Vacation Mode

You may have noticed that we took last week off to enjoy some vacation time.  Our week off included some HOT weather, which was great for swimming lessons but was stressful on crops. The forecast is calling for more hot weather, and we are praying for rain.

We enjoyed a Sunday crop tour to end our vacation week and here is a look at how our sunflowers, fall rye, canola and wheat are developing.

Global Big Data Conference: Precision Ag

It's presentation day @ the Global Big Data Conference on Artificial Intelligence!  One of my favorite videos is today's because I just read this fun stat in the January, 2018 issue of Canola Digest that only 15% of farmers are using precision agriculture.  

This video shows how Deer Creek Farms of Morden, Manitoba got started in Precision Agriculture, and the results it had on the 2017 Canola harvest.  If you enjoy the video, please share it on Facebook or Twitter.  If you have your own precision ag story that you'd be willing to share with us please comment below or send us an e-mail.