Ag and Jerry Maguire?

Grads (and their parents and grandparents), earlier this week we gave you some ideas for the what and where of post graduation options in agriculture. Today, we want to talk about the WHY?


Ag is big business - so, as Jerry Maguire shouted back in 1996, “Show me the money!” (language warning)

In actuality, there is a great possibility that you will not make pro-athlete type money in agriculture.

Most of the people who work in agriculture will tell you that they do it to honor family legacy, to work for something greater than themselves or to feed people. The WHY is feeling proud of contributing to something more. Something lasting. Something important for all of humanity.

So, whether you play a role as a primary producer or as a supporting function in an ag-adjacent industry, being part of the global food system is important work. It is hard to measure the job satisfaction of being able to say that you help to feed the world. #zerohunger

Grads - we need you!

Graduation season is a long one - especially in Canada!  University grads started their celebrations in early May and our local high school graduation occurred yesterday. Congrats to all of the graduates on their hard work!

If you are a recent grad, no doubt you have been asked about your future plans a million times!  If you are still wondering about how to answer those questions this message is for you…consider ag.

Agriculture is a very diverse field that needs a diverse set of skills to continue to advance practice, technologies and equipment.  The links below are shared so that you get a sense of HOW MANY ways there are to further your education and contribute to feeding the world.  If you are interested in Machine Systems Automation Engineering, Robotics, Aeronautics, Food Safety, Animal Health or Meteorology agriculture needs YOU.

25 Best Colleges for Precision Agriculture


South Dakota State University - the first B.S. Precision Agriculture offered in the United States

University of Minnesota - Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering (8 areas of research focus including, Environmental Management and Sustainable Systems, Food and Biotechnology and Bioprocessing)

University of Manitoba - Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (7 departments including Animal Science, Plant Science, Food Science and Agribusiness)

Community College

Lakeland College (9 programs including four types of Animal Science Technology)

Assiniboine Community College (8 programs including Agribusiness, Heavy Duty Equipment Technician, Manure Management Planner and Geographic Information Systems)