Happy Thanksgiving!

We enjoyed a weekend full of Thanksgiving celebrations and I hope that you did too. I hope that everyone takes time to think about what they are thankful for. And, perhaps most importantly, take time to think about WHO you are thankful for - then tell them!

Thanksgiving Skate2.jpg

One of the best things that I learned in my years as a teacher is the power of being specific with your positive comments. It is great to shower your loved ones with kind words, words of thanks and words of appreciation. It is even better when you take the time to include a specific example of when or why they are a great organizer, someone who can make you laugh, a wonderful cook, a thoughtful gift giver or a supportive motivator.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Run.jpg

Fun Friday: Zip Line Adventures

One of the great things about agriculture is that you get a chance to not only work hard, but to play hard too.  Enjoying what your own backyard has in store is one of the opportunities we always like to take.  Zip lining at HyWire Adventures gives crop scouting a whole new meaning and the view is really cool (especially upside down).  The 8 line zip line tour gives plenty of time to check out the fields, the Pembina Valley and to have a few friendly competitions on the racing zip line.  

Hope you enjoy the Go Pro footage we captured while zip lining - and maybe join us next year?