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Farm families know that the line between farm and family is often blurred. And many farm families would tell you that is what makes farming such a great profession and a great way of life! (At least most of the time.)


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- a farmily vacation

We strongly believe that farming is an important profession because we are working to make the world a better place - not just for ourselves but by respecting the environment as we feed the world .

We also believe that modern farming continues to have a strong multi-generational tradition because younger generations have the willingness and the skill sets to adapt and mesh agriculture and technology. Multi-generational farm family traditions can only be built if our kids enjoy farm life and see the pleasure along side the hard work.

So, this week we set out on a Farmily vacation; combining a little time away with the Ag in Motion farm expo. If you can’t be there in person you can follow our adventures here or via social media. You can also follow @aginmotion on Instagram and Twitter or find Ag in Motion on Facebook.

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Merry Farmily Christmas

Our farm family celebrates Christmas a little bit differently each year. However, we always make sure that Christmas is a special family time. This means that we make a point of being able to spend time together relaxing, laughing and reflecting.

To help you with your laughter, here are some throwback Christmas photos from our family. Perhaps you have some that look similar???

Wishing you some great farmily time to enjoy the company of those who refresh your soul.

We're at our family gathering - now what?


After the meal is eaten and the gifts are opened are you looking for something to do? Perhaps you have not gotten that far yet. Maybe the turkey is taking a bit longer than expected. Or your uncle is late. Or the dogs got into the kitchen. Or your brother got stuck in the snowbank by the train tracks. Or your grandma got run over by a reindeer. Whatever it was, you have some time to fill.

We’ve got you covered. Get your family moving and laughing with our Christmas scavenger hunts. Print directly from the images below or email us at to get your own PDF copies.


  • Find the items (person, place or thing).  Be creative!

  • Capture proof of your find by taking a selfie with the item.

  • You may choose to include more than one item in a single photo.

  • One point will be awarded for each item photographed.

  • One bonus point will be awarded for each photo that includes the item and ALL team members.

  • All team members must report to the home point at the end of the time limit.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Off Farm.PNG
Christmas Scavenger Hunt.PNG

Still Stuck With Me

FarmFemmes spoke at the 2018 MB Farm Women’s Conference, but we really wanted to create an interactive session!  Participants had the opportunity to listen to us, but also to others at their table. We promised our participants that they would also get to learn from everyone at the session, because we would share all of the ideas generated by the women in the room.  

It was interesting to see how participants were impacted by the session.  It was powerful to see that even as themes emerged everyone had unique and powerful ways of choosing their own words to convey these themes… Today’s themes are:

Humour is important.  

Sex is important.

If you are wondering exactly how this fits into a talk on farm/family balance, take a listen:

Many participants commented about the importance of humor!

Keep a sense of humor. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Use technology to your advantage and laugh often.
My husband isn’t the only one with a one-track mind. :-)
Don’t fear technology but use it to make more time... to have lots of sex.

Have a great Friday - enjoy the weekend. Have a laugh and maybe even find your partner’s “to-do” list…

Farmily - Celebrating Family Farms

At the Manitoba Farm Women’s Conference, we were lucky enough to launch our latest YouTube video - all about our FARMILY. The combination of farm and family is real - and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Check out the video and share the link with everyone in your FARMILY… The people who ride in your buddy seat, bring meals to the field, run for parts, get up early, stay up late and are by your side no matter what.

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