2018 Gene Edited Crops

Calyxt became a publicly traded company in the United States in late 2017, and is based in New Brighton, MN.  They consider themselves a disruptor in the space, by using gene editing technology they are able to shorten the time to develop a new seed trait by at least 7 years and at a lesser cost.  A key differentiator currently is the lack or regulatory studies required, which to date gene edited crops do not require.

 In their April 1st shareholders meeting they shared their expectations for 2018:

  • As of March 13, 60 growers are signed on to grow high oleic soybeans in the 2018 season
  • ~12 small to large food companies have engaged across food service and food ingredient applications
  • 3 projects are currently in Phase II
    • High Oleic / Low Lin soybean
    • Cold Storable Potato
    • Powdery Mildew Resistent Wheat
  • 5 additional gene edited seeds are in Phase I
    • High Fibre Wheat
    • Improved Oil Composition Canola
    • Reduced Browning Potato
    • Herbicide Tolerant Wheat
    • Improved Quality Alfalfa
Calyxt trait development process as outlined on  calyx.com

Calyxt trait development process as outlined on calyx.com

What we are reading so far is interesting, and that our audience would want to be aware of what gene editing was, how it differentiates from GMO's and where development of agricultural applications stood.  You can read more about Calyxt on their website or check out their YouTube video here.