Farmer Swag gifts

For our last list of the week, here are our farm’s most well used “free” Christmas gift items (not gift cards) from ag companies.  In actuality, these are super expensive gifts, because the bills we accumulate with some of our suppliers are not small, but in the spirit of Christmas we’ll call them “free”.


5.            Cutting board set

4.            Single-serve insulated lunch bag

3.            Hats/Toques

2.            Flash drives

1.            Super sharp letter opener

With less than ten shopping days left until Christmas, hopefully this week full of lists has given you some shopping ideas for the farmers, farm extenders or Farm Femmes on your list.  And hopefully it has given you some laughs along the way!

Shopping for a farmer?

If the farmer in your life is your significant other, perhaps you want to invest some real time and energy into finding the perfect gift.  If you are really invested in Christmas-giving you might even have some keys for your favourite farmer to find under the tree. 

For every other shopper with a farmer on their list, here are some practical gift ideas that cost less than a new tractor:

10.          Flashlights – big ones, small ones, hanging ones, magnetic ones…

9.            Grain shovels – you really cannot have too many

8.            WD40 – no explanation required

7.            Fire extinguishers – every cab and every building needs them

6.            Air fresheners – so many cabs, so little new car scent

5.            Windex – it is unnecessary to steal Windex from the house when there is a shop-sized jug conveniently located in the shop and just waiting to be used

4.            Assorted snack-size chocolate bars – like #8, no explanation required

3.            Assorted nuts and bolts - not the food, although that would likely be appreciated too

2.            Sunglasses – they are constantly lost, scratched or driven over

1.            Blue shop towels – you know what I am talking about.  The ones that my husband reuses if he “accidentally” forgets them in his pockets and I wash them.

My crazy Christmas list

Christmas preparations can be stressful.  So, this week we are attempting to help you look at the lighter side of the holiday season.


Mini Ladder:

And other crazy things on my Christmas lists...


The theme for this week emerged for several reasons, but one of them was my Christmas list.  Just for reference, I have included a photo of my Christmas list, to show that it was legit, and laugh-worthy.  So, in no particular order, here are the top three reasons why my wish list is crazy. 


Christmas list 2017

1.)    I started writing it on a pocket-size paper.  WHAT was I doing limiting myself like that?  (Thanks to Glenboro Pharmacy for the note paper.)

2.)    Item #2 is written right above item #3.  Yep – measuring cups is right above a 2” receiver and ball for my Ranger.  I recently broke the handle off my favorite 1 cup measure AND I would like my own receiver ball for the Ranger so I am always ready to pull the snow tube.  This is a prime example of the diverse interests of a farm extender.  (Or possibly just women in general.)

3.)    Item #4 is a strong magnet and bracket system for the GoPro.  So, I can document more of my craziness for even more people to see.  Let that sink in for a minute.   Actually, I totally love capturing life on the farm and I am hoping to do more of it.  Maybe I also need to ask for editing software :-)

Looking at this list, it is actually pretty reflective of my lists every year.  A wacky combination of the many sides of me.  The first Christmas I made a list for my now-husband I asked for a wheel barrow and a mini ladder.  It took a while to convince him that I was serious! 

For the record, this post does not give farm men everywhere permission to get their Farm Femmes these items for Christmas.  Keep reading tomorrow to get more insights into what other Farm Femmes might want to get this holiday season.