Can Technology help us capture Happy?

Farming is hard work.  But it is also so enjoyable and rewarding!  Capturing the optimism around farming and the farm lifestyle can help remind us of why we love this job and this lifestyle.  Not every day will be great, but during the times that are great we should remember to take note of them, capture them, share them.  Linking farm activities and hobbies can be a great way to bring joy to your day, your operation and those around you. Whether that means harvesting an abundant garden, learning how to use a GoPro or having a fun ATV to use for crop scouting, work can be fun.

Audience Suggestions:

Share positive farm photos via social media

Invite multi-generations for field suppers or ride alongs

Share accomplishments in group chats

Create a photo book

What the Forecast weather app

If you have any feedback or additional suggestions of technology solutions to share, please feel free to comment or email us directly at or

Fun Friday: Zip Line Adventures

One of the great things about agriculture is that you get a chance to not only work hard, but to play hard too.  Enjoying what your own backyard has in store is one of the opportunities we always like to take.  Zip lining at HyWire Adventures gives crop scouting a whole new meaning and the view is really cool (especially upside down).  The 8 line zip line tour gives plenty of time to check out the fields, the Pembina Valley and to have a few friendly competitions on the racing zip line.  

Hope you enjoy the Go Pro footage we captured while zip lining - and maybe join us next year?

Eye in the Sky

We got the chance to get some drone photos at Vallotton Farms and ran into a great problem - it was super sunny!  So, now I need to learn a bit more about how to change my exposure settings, but learning is fun when you are motivated by a real-world problem.  (Even on the last week of school, I still remember the principles of learning 101.)  

Drone Vallotton farms 2.jpg

All of our DJI drone and GoPro footage will turn into videos so we can share even more of our farm adventures with you - stay tuned.

Pictures on the Go

Over the winter we have been thinking about how to capture more farm activities, in order to better share what modern farming looks like.  Last fall we discovered that we needed a GoPro mount with more sticking power to be able to capture more dusty, vibration-filled, farm action.  This video shows our solution for our GoPro Hero 5, in case you would like to try it on your farm. 

If you have any suggestions for camera locations or action shots that you would like to see,  leave us a comment.