Nice to Meet You!

What a great day at the MinneMUDAC Fall Data Challenge! We were privileged to spend the day in great company, with energetic young people and talented judges. Almost 500 undergrad and graduate students engaged in an agriculturally focused data challenge and learned just how impactful data informed decision making can be in agriculture.

It was so nice to meet you! Can you find yourselves in the video?

Summer Things to Do

Although school was out for summer a while ago in MN, the countdown is just getting started in MB.  In preparation for some summer fun before harvest starts, here are some “small-town” things to do in Manitoba.   We love the atmosphere of small-town events, because community support is so important for agriculture.  These events give us a great way to connect with our community, and with other local farmers, ag-adjacent businesses, and of-course consumers.

Local summer attractions that we like to enjoy:

We also have some very-ag things on our to-do list:

Please feel free to comment with your favorite summer-time things to do!  Bonus if they have some ag connection.