FarmFemmes Teresa and Karen

FarmFemmes Teresa and Karen


Looking for a FarmFemme to speak at your next event?

We would love to speak at your school, business, festival, seminar or event.  We offer the unique perspective of women in agriculture and are passionate about being agvocates for modern farming.


Teresa's background in education means that you will get a fun and interactive learning experience designed for your audience. 

Karen's background in information systems and data science means that you will get cutting edge content about where ag is today and where we could be tomorrow.

We are passionate about ag and love to engage with audiences about the following topics:

  • How farmers ensure a modern food supply that is safe and sustainable
  • Using technology to keep farmers safe
  • Getting started with a farm safety plan
  • Kids eye view of a farm
  • Farm business and family business
  • Using data to meet the demands of modern agriculture

We will work with you to customize our message for your audience size, event type and venue.

Contact us with your unique request.

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